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atokos,ionian,greece,sailing,secret beachAtokos is simply an earthly paradise unspoiled by human intervention, lying among the Echinades Islands (echinus means sea urchin) off the coast of Acarnania and my favorite secluded island in the Ionian Sea.

  It is impossible not to fall for the tranquil turquoise waters, the white rock formations at One House Bay and the dense vegetation that covers the island. Atokos is a private island, owned by a Greek millionaire. It was really amazing that there is no restriction on anchorage and we could enjoy our swim for hours on end. Although the isle was considered uninhabited, according to the latest census there are two inhabitants; my guess is that one of them must be the priest as the only human structure on the island is a church at One House Bay, clearly visible from the beach.
On the south side of Atokos you can cast anchor and relax at Cliff Bay, another quiet paradise beach with crystal clear waters and white pebbles on the beach. The island is also ideal for naturists no doubt!

Useful Tips

I am afraid that the only way to reach the magnificent island of Atokos is strictly by private boat. My friends and I visited the island in late June which proved to be a very good idea because we spent the biggest part of the day alone. During the high season, from mid July to mid August I was told by our skipper that too many boats cast anchor so the island becomes rather noisy. The best time to visit the island depends on what you are looking for; serenity or social contacts. Either way I can think of no better place to be on a warm summer’s day!

GPS info:

Atokos island:N38 28 39.1 E20 48 39.1


38° 29' 15.8136" N, 20° 48' 48.9564" E
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One House Bay,Atokos,church,ionian island
Cliff Bay,naturists,secret beach,greece,greek islands for sale
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rocky formation,cliff bay,ionian island,greece,atokos
landslide,ionian islands,greece,private island,atokos
turquise waters,greece,top greek beach,atokos
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