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It is commonly known that Crete is one of the most  popular tourist destinations in Greece due to the fact that it offers innumerous options for your holidays. Enjoy your vacation by visiting beautiful secluded beaches where serenity prevails. For the lovers of naturism, the island is a paradise.

One of the most beautiful landscapes is Agios Pavlos beach.The name of the beach is owed to the Agios Pavlos church in the nearby village. Paul the Apostle and his loyal follower Apostle Titus visited Crete between 62 and 63 A.D to set the foundations of christian faith and spread the word of Jesus on the island.

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Agios Pavlos is a beautiful destination of Crete located south of Rethymno, engulfed by 30m high sand dunes that end in a secluded beach of thin pebbles and beautiful waters. An ideal beach to spend a summer day, near the village of Agios Pavlos. Before you reach the village turn right. Follow the road until it becomes a dirt track. Park your car because you will only need your feet to take you to Agios Pavlos beach. Avoid wearing flip flops to reach the beach, especially on the days the temperature is high, you won't stand the heat emerging from the sand dunes unless you have been trained to walk on hot coals! A path is usually impressed on the sand, i suggest you follow it to avoid descending vertically on the beach.

It is usually a quiet beach where you can relax, enjoy the sun, practice your yoga positions, as many visitors are afraid to descend due to the steep sand dunes. In case you are seeking a secluded beach on Crete, Agios Pavlos is one of them. Naturists are seen very often at Agios Pavlos beach.

Make sure you have carried your umbrella or be on the beach early to reserve some space under the shady rocks. Food and water provisions are necessary, because this part of the beach is not organized.



35° 6' 22.32" N, 24° 33' 36.8568" E
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